Graphics & 3D Animation Software Benefits

Graphics and animation editors—also referred to as graphic software or image editing software—are a program or collection of programs that enable a person to manipulate visual images, animations, or videos on a computer.

You are probably familiar with the popular brand-name software, like Photoshop or Adobe Creative Suite. But did you know there are plenty of FREE and low-cost alternatives available with all the same features and capabilities?

Graphics and animation software can handle tasks big and small. Whether you are trying to enhance photos, edit images, or create animations and graphics, there is a wide variety of applications you can use, including:

Photo Editing Software GIMP
Graphics Software GIMP
OpenOffice Draw
KOffice Krita
3D Animation Blender

Professional Quality Images, Graphics & Videos

Do you ever wonder how magazines, websites, or even your own friends on social media have such amazing photos and images? Chances are, they are using some type of photo editing tool that allows them to correct and manipulate images to look exactly how they want.

Photo and animation editing software allows you to get that professional, polished look that you want to present to the world. Not everyone can take a perfect picture or draw a straight line, but thanks to tools and applications like these, no one will ever need to know!

With functions like photo enhancement, digital retouching, or vector illustration, you can add that professional touch to all your photos and images. Whether you need to crop photos, or create diagrams for your business presentations, you’ll be able to do all that and more with photo and image editing tools.

In addition, you’ll be able to create quality videos and animations with the software available on this site. Add pizzazz to your websites and presentations with 2D and 3D animations or edit video and animation shorts that can help detail your points exactly to your users.

Photo and animation editing tools can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your images, graphics, and videos—not to mention, it’ll make everything look much nicer!

Add New Skills To Your Toolbox

Photo and animation editing software also allow you to expand your creative horizons. By learning to use these tools and applications, you are adding valuable skills that every creative artist should have in their toolboxes.

Whether you are a freelance artist or employed at a design firm or movie studio, it is essential for you to be familiar with these tools. Oftentimes it helps to learn a variety of applications, since not everyone creates with the same software and tools.

Since these tools and applications are free to use, learning how to use them and adding these skills to your resume is a snap! For no cost, you can expand your skill set and create beautiful, professional-grade photos, images, graphics, animations, and videos.

Save Money!

Of course, the biggest benefit of all is that all the photo and animation software we provide on this site is 100% FREE. Save yourself $500 to $1000 by using the alternatives to Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite!

While the brand-name products are great, why spend all that money when you can have the same features and capabilities with open source products? You can produce the same quality images and designs without having to shell out the major bucks.

Our products are also great for students and freelancers who may need to use these applications away from their classrooms, or in their home offices. But who can really afford to have the brand-name products? Luckily, there’s really no need to when these FREE alternative photo and animation editors exist!