Save Time & Money In Your Office & Design Studio

Make Every Minute & Penny Count For Your Business

Whether you’re a fledgling design studio or a freelancer who works from a home office, has a ton of software that can help you save both time and money.

Brand-name software like Adobe Creative Suite or CorelDRAW program suite can cost upwards of $1000. Multiply that by however many employees you have that need to use the software, and that cost adds up fast.

Why spend all that money? You could simply use free alternatives that have all the same features and produce the same professional quality graphics that you need. There are plenty of open source software alternatives for photo editors, graphic design applications, or animation studio software that are 100% free of cost!

Can I Really Produce The Same Quality?

It’s completely understandable to be skeptical about free alternatives to the software and applications that you are used to working with. Of course, your top concern is probably if you’ll be able to produce the exact same quality productions that your clients expect from you.

YES! You’ll be able to produce the same quality images, photos, graphics, and videos that you can make with brand-name software. How? Well, even though our software is open source and free to own, it has all the same features and functions as the more expensive, brand-name software.

Open Source Software is developed by enthusiasts and developers who use this very software themselves—so they know exactly what functions they’ll need to be able to compete with brand-name software. In addition, their aim is to keep this type of software accessible and affordable, so they’ll make sure to update their open source software with all the latest trends. Don’t ever worry that your free software will be out of date or incompatible!

Improve Skills & Efficiency

Aside from saving money,’s products also help improve skills and efficiency at work. By learning a wide variety of general skills and knowledge that you can apply to all programs, you are already ahead of the curve!

By not being boxed into brand-name software’s way of doing things, you’ll be able to learn and apply theories, rather than just methods. Doing so not only increases your stock as an employee, but also cuts down on the amount of time you’ll need to spend learning new techniques and methods to achieve something you already know how to do.

Not to mention that your employer or client will be happy that she or he doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the software you “need”. You’ll be flexible and ready to roll with anything that’s handed to you, and get to work right away!

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