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Open Source Is Quality Software With Good Value

Who doesn’t like to save a buck when they can? Graphic designers and animation artists certainly belong in that group, especially when some brand-name software products can cost upwards of $500!

All of the software we offer on is open source—meaning that they are completely free and legal to own and share. Open Source Software is developed by groups of enthusiasts and volunteers who seek to keep software accessible and affordable.

Brand-name graphics and animation software like Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, or Corel Paint might have the fancy bells and whistles (and a hefty price tag), but there are many alternatives applications that have the same, and sometimes better, features.

GIMP and are great photo editors that have all the functions of Photoshop. GIMP and both support layers, and have extensive toolboxes that let you blend, cover-up, clone, and so much more.

Inkscape, OpenOffice Draw, and KOffice Krita are vector graphics software that helps you create images and logos. Need to turn those designs into brochures, posters, or business cards? Not a problem when you use Scribus, a desktop publishing application that rivals Adobe InDesign.

Need to work on an animation or video? With 3D animation software like Cinepaint and Blender, you can edit or retouch all your video media with the same powerful features as popular 3D rendering software.

Who Does Open Source Software Help The Most?

Open Source Software is a perfect option for students, professionals, or even just the casual personal user. It really benefits anyone who needs an affordable alternative for graphics and animation software.

Casual users love that they can use professional-quality software without having to shell out the major bucks and time commitment to learn complex applications. Your everyday user can have perfectly edited and cropped pictures to share with family and friends, or can create simple logos and images without a giant hassle.

Students will find a multitude of uses for these applications, including giving their assignments and presentations that finishing touch that will make them stand out. Adding polish to your homework and projects doesn’t mean you have to have fancy software, it just means you need to have an idea!

Professionals will appreciate the affordable price tag, especially if they work from home or are freelancers without access to the brand-name software. Completing assignments and projects will be a breeze with these open source tools. Also there’s an added bonus: all of the open source products that we offer are compatible with the brand-name versions, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to read files or share documents!

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