Getting Started With Cinepaint

Cinepaint is an open source application for painting and retouching bitmap frame of films. Cinepaint is a deep paint image retouching tool that supports higher color fidelity than ordinary painting tools.

Cinepaint is a program that has its roots in GIMP, an open source photo editor. If you have used GIMP’s interface, then Cinepaint will probably feel familiar to you. If you want to refresh your GIMP skills, or need to learn the basics, check out our tutorial resources here.

Free Cinepaint Software Learning Resources

  • Cinepaint User Guides

    Find instructions on everything from downloading and installing Cinepaint to working with images in this collection of Cinepaint Documentation. Visit

  • Cinepaint Tutorial

    Written by one of the developers, this tutorial is a quick overview of the items you need to know before you can get started in Cinepaint. Visit