Creating Characters Using Muvizu

3D animation isn’t easy. Luckily Muvizu offers some built-in, yet highly customizable, characters that will get you up and running with creating 3D videos in almost no time at all. In the following tutorial, we’ll walk you through choosing and customizing a character for your video.

  • Choose a basic character template by opening Muvizu, and from the top menu, select Create > Character. You will be presented with about twenty pre-installed character templates to start from. When you choose your template and click Create, you will see your character appear on the screen.

  • To choose customization items, select your character (highlight him/her), click Edit > Edit from the top menu, and this will bring up a number of different customization options. From the menu that pops up, you can edit the character name, physical features, clothing, and more.

  • Adjust properties from the menus. There are so many options to customize your character, that we couldn’t start to get into them in one tutorial. You can customize any aspect from the facial features to hair color, clothing color, and body proportions. This way, you can match hair color to beard color, put a graphic on a t-shirt, or adjust items like the size and placement of an item.

  • Save your character to your favorites for future access by clicking the Favorites tab in your pop-up. Make sure you name characters intuitively, so that you can figure them out easily. For instance, you’ll be creating different versions of characters for different scenes, some might have accessories, some might have completely different outfits.

    Once you have created a character or characters to your liking, you can place them into a setting, and start making them come to life!