Making Greeting Cards with OpenOffice Draw

Greeting card prices have gotten ridiculous. Rather than spending four and five dollars every birthday, anniversary, and holiday, you can make your own greeting cards. All you need is a clever idea and the right software. While we can’t tell you what to say or what images to use, we are more than qualified to teach you how to create homemade greeting cards in OpenOffice Draw using the classic “four panel” print style.

  • Plan your layout. We recommend going old fashioned here and actually sketching out your design idea and drawing it by hand onto an actual sheet of paper. This way you have a realistic idea of how much space you will need to give each element and you’ll know what needs to go in which panel.

  • Open a new digital page in OpenOffice Draw. The default layout should be set just like a standard 8.5”x11” piece of paper. So mentally, consider the bottom right corner as the cover of the card, and the top left will be the inner “content” section of the card.

  • From the top menu, select View > Toolbars > Drawing to bring up the drawing toolbar. Click on the “T” icon in the toolbar to bring up the Text Editor tool.

  • Move the text box that pops up to the “cover” section of the card and write your greeting. You can change the font, the text size, the alignment, and more with the text formatting toolbar, which appears at the bottom row of the control panel.

  • Once your text is in place to your liking, you can add a picture if you want by choosing Insert > Picture > From File to choose any picture saved on your hard drive. Once the image is inserted, you can move it simply by clicking on it and dragging it around the document, and re-size it by clicking any corner and dragging the corner area until the picture fits normally.

  • Create another text box by clicking the “T” icon in the toolbar. Move that box to the top left corner of your document and add the message for the inside of your card. We recommend making any tweaks to this text while it is right-side-up.

  • When you are happy with it, rotate the text box by clicking the “rotate” button in the drawing toolbar, which looks like a recycling symbol. If you want to add an image to the inside of the card, you can do the same process, just don’t forget to rotate it!

  • Check for formatting, and when you are ready, print your document. Make sure that in the Print Preview menu, make sure your print mode is set to “portrait.”